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Our gastronomy

The cuisine of BerguedĂ  is a magnificient and surprising exponent of inland catalan cuisine.

As the catalan writer Josep Pla said, “The cuisine of a country is its landscape put in a casserole”. The uniqueness of our region has allowed us to preserve mountain crops, unkown in other areas of Catalonia, as black peas or blat de moro escairat.

Our gastronomy is also characterized by the importance of mushrooms and the quality of meat products.

We invite you to taste all these products, either in one of our restaurants or if you prefer, you can also buy them in the village shops.

We assure you that they will not leave you indifferent.

Meat and cold meats

Mountain beef meat comes from grazing, this means that cattle are born and grow in the open air, fields, meadows and forests in BerguedĂ  and without any artificial fattening method.

Ckicken are raised slowly and fed with corn, as traditionally made the housewives of country houses in BerguedĂ .

Cold meats are hand-made ellaborated by following the traditional recipe, passed down from generation to generation, with the best ingredients and without artificial additives. You will find all kind of sausages:  fuet, llonganissa, bull blanc, bull negre, botifarra blanca i negra, among others.


BerguedĂ  is one of the regions with the greatest mushroom tradition, thanks to its privileged situation, climatology and forests. An excursion to the forest to collect mushrooms means walking and enjoying nature and the unique landscapes offered by autumn season.

Mushrooms can be eaten fresh, dried, candied and cooked in multiple ways, also depending on the varieties. El rovellĂł, the most popular one, is delicious grilled with chopped garlic and parsley; el fredolic, stewed or in a soup; els ceps, dried after slicing them finely; and the mĂşrgula, cooked before adding it to casseroles.

During mushroom season you will find different culinary proposals in the menus of our restaurants.

Quince allioli

It is a yellow thick sauce, very suitable to pair with red meats and ideal to taste spread over a toasted slice of bread.

Quince is one of the few fruits well adapted to mountain cold temperatures and it is typical from autumn season.  It is a highly nutritive product and features healthy ingredients such as garlic, quince and olive oil.

Therefore, it is a winter sauce, strong and unique because it provides a contrast of flavours: the sweetness of quince and the intensity of garlic and olive oil, mixed with other ingredients such as an apple, toasted and soaked in muscatel bread, salt, an egg and a few drops of vinegar.

In La Pobla de Lillet, on the first Saturday in December we dedicate a full day to this typical product of BerguedĂ  and Pyrenees region.

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Black pea

Black pea is a typical and indigenous product of  BerguedĂ . However, despite its high gastronomic value, it is not well known neither recognized, as its growth is complicated and doesn’t allow high productions, due to the necessary weather conditions.

When the grain is raw, its colour is greyish-green, but once cooked it turns into a brown to black colour, that gives its name. When it is cooked, its texture is fine with sweet, deep and aromatic taste.

It is usually cooked stewed or sautéed with pork meat, although it allows many innovative culinary preparations.

El blat de moro escairat

The corn variety known as “blat de moro escairat” has a characteristic white colour, achieved through the process of “escairar”. It is nothing but peeling or removing the skin of the cereal, action carried out in specialized mills.

It is obtained by the handling of an ancient corn variety cultivated in Alt BerguedĂ , whose origin is unknown. Before consumption, the grain must be left to soak the day before and washed with abundant water before cooking. The tradition of eating “Blat de moro escairat” soup on Christmas Day in BerguedĂ  region, has guaranteed its continuity.

You can find raw “blat de moro escairat” in the shops of the region and cooked in several shops of boiled grains. Although the harvest season is in July and mid August, you can buy it all year round, as it is easy to preserve.

Les patates emmascarades

Les patates emmascarades are a traditional dish of catalan inland cuisine.

It is an ancient recipe, formerly cooked in farmhouses after the pig slaughter, to profit its blood and viscera.

Les patates emmascarades are made with a variety of black and fine quality potato, cultivated in high-altitude areas and it is typical from our region.

Traditionally they are served with bacon, although it is a product that accepts more innovative preparations.

Winter is the best season to taste them, as it is a thick and fatty dish.

Red wine is the perfect accompaniment, as well as country bread, endive salad  and candied cabbage.

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